Mt Hood Pipe Stops Trip 2016 February Recap

It felt good to come home to Hood!  Got to ride Meadows and Skibowl while back which felt great!  The night before the contest my shuttle didn't arrive and I had to drive in a snow storm to Denver.  I missed my flight and ended up driving to Boulder to see friends then left to spend the night (two hours of sleep and two hour stay) at a hotel by DIA.  I hopped on the plane with 20 minute nap after a kid kicked my chair the whole trip then was picked up by my Dad.  My Mom had to register me while my Dad picked me up and drove me up to Meadows.  I managed to get a hour nap in the car on the way up.  Thinking that after 3 hours of sleep I would be so tired during my two runs, I had such a great time!  I ended up riding all day with old friends and new friends mostly who were groms but had a blast!  Then left after awards to go spend time with my Mom, my Dad, my Sister, my Brother In Law and my Dog Kona.


Walked away with these results at my home series:

-USASA Regionals Mt Hood Pipe Open Class #1 Stop 1st

-USASA Regionals Mt Hood Pipe Open Class #2 Stop 1st

-USASA Mt Hood Open Class Pipe Series Champion 2016

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