Great Casual Dining Choices in Truckee

These are affordable restaurants in the Truckee area.


Take in mind, this is coming from the perspective of two Truckee locals who live on a tight budget.  We visit fancy restaurants in the North Lake Tahoe area when I am travel writing.  Though spend a majority of our time eating at home and going to affordable restaurants.  I practice eating healthy with my vegan recipes.  It is a treat for us to go out to eat and we like to change up what we eat when we go to restaurants.  All of these restaurants provide many food options which is another important factor when considering what restaurant to eat at.  When taking large groups with you out to eat in the Truckee area, these are excellent choices that are affordable and friendly.  


1.  Zano's Family Italian & Pizza

One of the best pizza joints in town, it will not let you down.  


2.  Burger Me

Take your family here and you will find something on the menu that each member will like.  A favorite burger place in Downtown Truckee.


3.  Front Street Station Pizza

Another affordable option in town that offers good slices of pizza.


4.  Squeeze In

Nice breakfast spot that has a wide range of food to offer.  


5.  Treat Box Bakery

A favorite stop amongst Truckee locals!  Wonderful bakery and delicious food that will have you running back for another meal.  


6.  Jax at the Tracks

Overall, fantastic food with cool atmosphere in Downtown Truckee.  

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