Keeko Oil X White Teeth



A product made in Australia that is making an impact as a leading teeth whitener in the market is Keeko.  I am a huge supporter of using this product and prefer it over other teeth whitening products.  Keeko whitens the teeth naturally with formulated coconut oil pulling sachets that come in three flavors (Morning Mint, Citrus Burst "Lemon Lime & Pink Grapefruit" and Sweet Sensation "Vanilla Coco Cinnamon").  I would say that my favorite flavor of all is sweet sensation.  The best way to sample flavors would be purchasing Lucky Dip which is a collection of all the Keeko flavors.  Using this product has been a large success for me and made me have a brighter smile.  I highly recommend using this product for events such as galas, awards dinners, photoshoots, television, romantic dinners and staying at home playing board games.  It can be used for any purpose and gives those who use it confidence!  This product can be found on their website or on Free People's website.  


I can't elaborate enough on how important it is to keep your teeth healthy and Keeko does that!  It is convenient how the coconut oil pulling sachets fit in your purse and travel bag.  I am able to travel from country to country with Keeko and it is an amazing product that I use on the road all the time.  Make sure to get your bag of Keeko Oil to start using!  To find more information about Keeko, go to or my instagram @kanoeinh20 


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