Very White Christmas in Truckee

Alex and I decided that we would spend the holidays at home in the beautiful winter wonderland of Truckee, California.  This place makes people awe struck and amazed at how Christmas by Lake Tahoe is truly one of a kind.  The Sierra Nevada mountains never seizes to disappoint.  It is pleasant to call this tranquil town home.  


As a snowboarder, I spend all of my time traveling.  All of my spare time is spent being an influencer creating advertisements, college student studying business and constantly working as a travel writer providing photography as well.  It was relaxing to stay home for the holidays.  We both missed our families but because of Alex's work schedule, we chose to stay in Truckee.  


To look out our window and see snow falling down is calming for me.  Riding in powder is one if my favorite things to do.  I chose to take some days off to celebrate Christmas, so sitting on the couch drinking hot coco was kind of nice for a change.  Marathoning some Christmas movies from our childhood while cuddling up in a blanket was an amazing way to spend Christmas with my man.  We took a break to build our gingerbread village and admire our small Christmas tree we brought home from Village Nursery in Truckee.  Our wreath on our front door matched our Christmas tree that had character.  I kept finding Alex replacing the star with a hula girl ornament and couldn't stop laughing at this silly game of us removing one with the other.  The Christmaslights that we strung from our house are multi colored and seemed to fit our cozy home well.


Of course, we hung mistletoe and Alex viewed that as a highlight for Christmas.  


Both of us, couldn't help ourselves, we went to Downtown Truckee to enjoy our white Christmas.  We walked around Downtown and saw a huge Christmas tree with ornaments and lights were placed on all trees surrounding our town.  It was enjoyable to see all of the shops and town covered with powder.  After strolling around town, we loaded in the warm car.


The next move was to have a romantic dinner.  That is when we found ourselves at North Star Village having dinner at Tavern 6330.  A few glasses of wine, tomato basil, gourmet bread and filet mignons with a desert was the best meal one could imagine for Christmas.  After a charming evening at Tavern 6330, we decided to go home and curl up by the fire watching a movie.   


By far, a Christmas I will never forget with the one I love.


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