The Lone Eagle Grill

I had a delightful early dinner at the Lone Eagle Grill.  After Christmas, I chose to have an early dinner on Friday the 30th to spend one of the last days of 2016 at a lake front restaurant with an amazing view.  It certainly did not disappoint us.  


Lone Eagle Grill is located on Lake Tahoe in Incline Village with a private beach and surreal views of a Tahoe sunset.  I couldn't help but love their menu as well.  I had a glass of Des Amis 2015 Rose out of Napa Valley and it was excellent.  They offer many assortments of wines and serve appetizing meals.  Their cream of mushroom soup is mouth watering and pizza is tasty.  I chose to have a light meal next to the fire place.  We met good natured people from all walks of life enjoying the company of their families and loved ones.  After meeting friendly folks, we roamed around the beach in front of the restaurant.  The curious and cute ducks on the beach kept coming up to our feet to say hello.  Then we spent our time watching the sunset go down and enjoying the evening with a speechless view of Lake Tahoe.


I recommend taking your family to the Hyatt Regency's Lone Eagle Grill for a spectacular lunch or dinner.  Don't forget to take a stroll on the beach looking into the very blue sky or lava like sunset.  

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