Cliff Jumping at Ka Lae

When I go to South Point, I always try to make it down to Ka Lae for some cliff jumping.  It is by far my favorite place to cliff jump on the Big Island and is one hour and thirty minutes south of Kona.  Not a lot of people go to Ka Lae because it is at least a forty foot drop down and during winter the waves will toss you into the cliffs.  It can be challenging to find a good day to go cliff jumping there during the winter.  Ultimately, I like to go there during spring, summer and early fall when the waves are flat.  During winter, I will go to South Point to surf sometimes.  It is one of the few places on the Big Island that not a lot of people go to surf because it is remote.  Unless you are from here, not many know to go to South Point.  Though you have to wait till the waves are big and that opportunity happens in the winter.  Being a Big Island chick who has spent many years training in Oahu, I know about a lot of spots that not many know of.  Usually I do not share my surf spots but I figure it's okay to share Ka Lae.  I like to take my van out and go to as many places as possible.  I have spent most of my years training at Banyans because I live right next to it, but nowadays I find myself wanting to go to remote surf spots that not a lot of people go to.  Each time I go on a surf trip, I am always taking my polaroid camera to take shots of where I went to.  Then I come home and I put it on my bulletin board in my room.  These memories will always be so special to me.  


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