Locals in Hawaii ~Dolphins~

They are locals here in Hawaii.  When you talk about lokes, they make it to the top of the list.  We spend each day in their domain surfing and they are by far the best surfers of all when they charge through the waves.  I always have so much respect for them.  I admire how friendly and curious that they are.  They are very intelligent and will sometimes come up close to you when you are surfing.  I watch them and they just want to know what is going on.  These beautiful animals just want to know who you are and where you come from.  Some of the common bottle nose dolphins get up to 1400 pounds while Hawaiian spinner dolphins get up to 170 pounds.  Most of the time I see Hawaiian spinner dolphins that spin when they jump up in the air.  Adult dolphins have the ability to jump 25 feet in the air but most young dolphins will jump 15 feet in the air.  I believe a lot of people do not know how much they weigh.  The common bottle nose dolphins are big animals.  There are many species of dolphins in Hawaii.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to see them.  Although sharks (manu) is my aumakua (Hawaiian guardian angel) that protects me, I still love dolphins with all of my heart.  I hate seeing them in captivity and it hurts me to see them swimming in a small pool or tub when they are known to swim an average of 60 miles each day.  50% of dolphins die in the first few days of captivity.  They often separate dolphin pods and the process of putting these animals in captivity is horrible.  


These locals have my heart and always will.  I can remember seeing my first dolphin on my surfboard when I started surfing at four years old in Kona.  It was special to me.  Since then I have been in love with them wanting to know as much as I can about them. 

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