Haleiwa Joe's

One of my favorite restaurants in the world would be Haleiwa Joe's.  When I am in Oahu to train for surfing, I spend most of my time in North Shore.  I only go to Haleiwa Joe's on special occasions because I am usually staying in Pupukea, but it is always a treat when I go here.  Fabulous views of the ocean with a delicious menu that has fresh food.  Everybody who lives in Haleiwa will tell you that it is one of the best places to eat in North Shore.  Each year around September they have a SUP race ad I try to make it out to Oahu for it.  This restaurant has been around forever.  I really love the fish at Haleiwa Joe's and like to drink it with a glass of guava juice.  Growing up on the Big Island, I have tried to not drink guava juice frequently.  When I go to restaurants like Haleiwa Joe's its my chance to have guava juice and it always compliments my meal.  I can remember so many memories at Haleiwa Joe's since I was a little kid when we would come to Oahu.  My tutu (grandmother) is originally from Oahu, so a lot of our family is sprinkled all over Oahu.  I went to Haleiwa Joe's a few times with my great aunty Bea who I called puna because she was like my grandma.  It is a favorite restaurant amongst my family and I would call it a must experience restaurant in Oahu.  Make sure to go out to their restaurant on your next trip to Haleiwa.

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