Beverly Hills

When in the 90210, I couldn't go without doing some window shopping on Rodeo Drive.  After having a photoshoot on Rodeo Drive, it seemed appropriate to look around the shops in Beverly Hills.  I know that my mother and aunt wished that they would have joined me and instead of window shopping they would do real shopping.  I live on travel writing, marketing, contest and modeling income while being a college kid.  I am not in the position of buying anything that goes over my shopping budget while in town.  As a full time model and athlete I find myself saving my money as much as possible and making a practice of it.  Though it was very tempting to shop Rodeo Drive!  So many shops that I had seen on movies from over the years.  It was really cool being able to explore Beverly Hills and going to castings there.  A lot of good places to eat.  It was interesting to see how most of Beverly Hills has been used as a set for many movies.  Everything looked familiar before I had even gotten to Rodeo Drive because of how many movies have shot there over the years.  When out roaming Rodeo Drive, I saw a few actors and actresses that were out eating with their families.  I did not approach them but looked over at them and thought how much they must have gone through trying to make it in this town.  As a surfer from Hawaii, I have only been to Southern California when I need to for photoshoots and surfing.  It was different getting to stay longer and see the people that call Los Angeles home.  They live a lot more fast paced life then I am accustomed to.  Although I can handle fast paced, it was not like when I lived in New York for a while where the entertainment business didn't control the whole city.  It was awesome being in the mecca of the entertainment business.  Southern California is beautiful and I can see why people like it here.

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