Santa Monica in February


When I think of Southern California, the Santa Monica Pier really comes to mind!  It makes for a marvelous set with fun rides.  I like to surf down at Santa Monica Pier, I had fun during my last trip there.  I chose to stay in Santa Monica because I really like the area.  At night, I went to BOA Steakhouse which was a wonderful place to have a steak at the bar.  I liked the white couches and hockey games that BOA had on their televisions playing.  During the day after photoshoots and castings, I found myself at the chic Viceroy which was a good place to have a meal as well.  Their poolside tents and pool was really relaxing after a long day of shooting.  Other than superb places to eat and stay, Santa Monica has fantastic shopping and has one of the best beaches in town.  You will find me mostly at the beach if I am not modeling.  It was an incredible opportunity getting to models for many well known brands and model for my own swimwear collection, FNi Women's Kanoe Pelfrey Spring and Summer 2017 Collection.  I will never forget the fun times here that I had recently and look forward to making more memories here!


Next time I come to Southern California, I will be back at Santa Monica for beach walks, yoga and taking my golden retriever Kona to play in the ocean.  I cannot wait to return for the commercial that I am booked for next month!  It will be a really sensational trip that I will take my boyfriend along before we go down to Laguna and San Diego!

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