Malibu in February


Malibu is full of perfect sites to go see.  It is the quintessential beach location in Southern California right on Highway 101.  One of my favorite sets for photoshoots would be El Matador Beach.  Aside from it being a terrific set, I love the sea caves and rock formations that surround El Matador Beach.  It is a beach that is located in Malibu and can be considered paradise.  Malibu is my favored destination to go to when I am staying in Southern California for modeling.  I can't get enough of gorgeous sunsets at El Matador Beach and  all the scenic beaches at Malibu.  I love to surf Malibu and was lucky to have photoshoots at El Matador, Lechuza and Zuma Beach on my last trip to Malibu.  It was really sunny, very pretty and breathtaking how incredibly spectacular Southern California is in this area.  There are many outstanding beaches, cliffs and views to see when in Malibu.  On the way back to Santa Monica from one of my photoshoots, I ended up shooting with  photographer Ksenia in a field of yellow wild flowers in Malibu.  Malibu has so much natural beauty that it astonishes me.  I am a lucky chick to have gotten the opportunity to shoot for other companies and my swim collection in Malibu.  Next time I come out to Malibu, I will be spending all of my time surfing down there and hopefully having photoshoots there as well.  


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