Bumper's Grill and Bar


I have been going to Bumper's since I was ten years old and like their food.  When I vacation in Oregon nowadays, it is a restaurant on my list that I make sure I hit up.  With a Hollywood 40's type of theme, leather high booths, elegant bar, tropical fish tank, good music and classy vibes, this is one of the best restaurants in Portland.  The staff are friendly all of the time and serve your food fast.  There are many nice people that work there who make sure you have a pleasant eating out experience.  They have an unbeatable steak that is one of the best steaks in the Portland area.  Many people like Bumper's steaks and appetizers as well.  Bumper's does a fantastic job of offering vegetarian food choices as well.  I really like to have their hummus plate and angel hair pasta.  It is one of those restaurants where you are able to mix up what you eat each time because they have so many delicious food options.  I usually have a steak for protein because when I am in Oregon, I need to have protein after burning so many calories all day snowboarding and hiking during the summer.  Whatever I have at Bumper's is a good choice for me when I am in training.


My favorite part about going to Bumper's would be the posh atmosphere.  Ever since I was a kid, I always appreciated that Bumper's had tropical fish to sharks in their aquarium.  It is unique to see a restaurant in the Portland Area make their restaurant an exciting place to be and go the extra mile overall with their restaurant.

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