~Venice~ Southern California in February


I had a tremendous experience of being able to have my Airbnb paid for by a company that had me fly out to Los Angeles to do some travel writing for them and modeling.  I got to stay at the ultimate guesthouse in Venice.  An artist designed this enchanting place to stay.  It is very close to Abbot Kinney Boulevard and is such a peaceful place to stay.  Relaxing and mellow bedroom with living room like space, with bath and kitchen.  The guesthouse had sixties vibes and was very clean.  The landlords had a cat that kept visiting me.  I did not know it was their cat and let the cat sleep on the couch because it did not like the rain on the first day I arrived.  The cat was huge and very sweet.  I am not a cat person, so for me to find a cat that I liked was a big deal.  I left the cat on the couch and went to C&O Trattoria for the best Italian food next to the Venice pier.  It was mouth watering good food!  I ended up walking Venice Beach during sunset after my dinner, catching an Uber home and came back for the night.  I let the cat out because he indicated that he wanted to be let out and he came back later to be let in for the night.  I called my boyfriend Alex then went to sleep early.  I woke up the next morning to go shopping then met up with my photographer Ksenia to go shoot in Malibu.  When I came back from Malibu, I went to the Venice Canals, walked around Marina Del Ray and went shopping on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.  I love Venice and have plans of going back soon.  Hopefully I will be back in a month!  From an Airbnb treasure to time spent on Abbot Kinney Boulevard to playing on Venice Beach, I think Venice is one of the most fun places a person could live at!  Always excitement!


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