Gypsy Life in Mammoth~Throwback to a Few Days in May


I chose to be a gypsy for two days.  I left my house in Truckee and slept in the back of my car in the Mammoth parking lot for a night last May.  Spring shredding in Mammoth is one of the greatest things to experience.  I train at Mammoth all of the time and I would say spring is by far the most desired time of the year there.  There are some days were the wind can go over 60 miles per hour and you aren't trying to hit jumps or ride pipe on those days.  Though even on those days, I still love riding Mammoth.  I was excited to go to Mammoth.  Nice to take a break from the pipe.  It is one of the few 22 foot pipes in the United States and they are always committed to the pipe.  Their commitment to the pipe means the world to me.  I appreciate riding there because of their dedication to always making their parks the best.  If you are a pipe jock, you will find yourself spending a ridiculous amount of time training here.  You will find yourself wanting to go to the hot springs every other afternoon as well.  On the way home from my trip to Mammoth, I met up with one of my good friends Laura and stopped at the Travertine Hot Springs for a good soak.  It was extremely relaxing and a good way to spend the rest of the day after snowboarding.  After the Travertine Hot Springs, I drove home.  Of course on the way home I stopped at In-N-Out Burger in Carson and grabbed a Jamba Juice smoothie for the road.  I watched the sunset go down on Lake Tahoe on my drive back home to Truckee.  Overall, I had a nice spring trip in May to Mammoth before I took off to Mt Hood for the summer.


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