Snowcat at Night


Well it is rumored that one of my favorite pastimes is going up in the cat at night to watch the pipe be cut.  That is true and to this day, it is something that I still love to do when at Hood for the summer.  I can't resist a fun trip riding or at sometimes driving the cat.  Most of the time I hike up from the parking lot sit on a rock and watch the view from down below looking upward at the volcano.  When I get a chance to go up in the cat, I get very excited because it is an opportunity that not many people get to experience during summer at Mt Hood.  I feel blessed to call Mt Hood my home mountain.  I have the chance to snowboard all summer long and have been at Hood for five summers now.  I started snowboarding in summer 2012, so to think about summer 2017 coming around the bend, feels like time has gone by so fast.  I spend all of my fall, winter and spring traveling to other places and often miss my home mountain.  There are times during fall, winter and spring I get a few days at Hood when I am just passing through, but there is no other mountain quite like it.  The conditions at Mt Hood have prepared me to be able to ride anything.  I used to live all year round at Mt Hood when I first started snowboarding.  To see myself go from shave ice girl who managed the stand in Government Camp to competing at contests all over the world for snowboarding has been a really big change for me.  A change that has me very excited!  Even though I have been all over the world for surfing since I was a kid, doing it in snowboarding has been a new change for me and I'm in love with how fun it is.  You will find me at Mt Hood during part of my summer and at times taking the snowcat up for some fun runs!


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