Greenwell's Ranch ~Mauna Loa~ Throwback


The Greenwell's have a magnificent ranch located on Mauna Loa.  There are so many cattle that roam around and graze the luscious green grass.  Mauna Loa is one of the five volcanoes on the Big Island.  It is an active volcano like Kilauea and sometimes has snow on it.  Occasionally, there is snow on the Greenwell Ranch.  That is what I was told when we visited.  I couldn't get over how beautiful their ranch was and how different the terrain was compared to Waimea.  There were more rocks on Mauna Loa compared to Mauna Kea.  Mauna Loa is 13,678 feet.  It is the largest volcano on earth when it comes to volume and area covered.  Mauna Kea is 13,796 feet and is the tallest mountain in Hawaii and the tallest sea mountain in the world.  I liked seeing the Greenwell Ranch because not many people get to see that area of Mauna Loa.  My mom, dad and I went to their ranch and had a good time.  We got a full tour of a very peaceful place.  One of my favorites parts of their ranch was the yellow chairs that they placed by a few trees next to a lava rock wall.  They did an excellent job of making their house and ranch look very desirable.  I couldn't get over how pretty the views were of the area and the amazing hospitality we received.  My Dad went to high school with Mr. Greenwell on the Big Island and during their high school reunion, we got to visit this Mauna Loa retreat.  


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