Rainbow Falls: Tropical Waterfall on the Big Island


Rainbow Falls is a optimum waterfall that looks like it is surrounded by a jungle. That is what is notable about the east side of the island is how it can look like a rainforest or jungle.  There is so much natural beauty on the east side of the island and I love to go visit at times.  On the east side of the Big island, there are more waterfalls than the west side.  It is hard to tell on the north side if there are more waterfalls than the east side because of how remote the north side can be.  On the northside, there are so many steep cliffs that are hard to access and sometimes not stable.  There are some areas that are accessible by foot, boat or helicopter.  What I like best about Rainbow Falls is that it lives up to its name.  On certain days there is a rainbow present next to the waterfall.  It is close by the hospital and not to far away from Pestos in Hilo, where I like to eat on the east side of the island.  Rainbow Falls is the best waterfall to take the whole family to.  Everyone in the family will be able to access it.  The last time I went to Rainbow Falls, I took my dad with me right before taking him to the Volcano.  


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