Puanani "Gorgeous Flower" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Kelani "Heaven" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Ululani "Inspiration" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Kapua "Blossom" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Kaulana "Famous" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Kahoni "The Kiss" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Lokelani "Amazing Rose" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Onaona "Sweet Fragrance" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Haukea "Snow White" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Akamu "Hibiscus Red" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Maka Nani "Beautiful Eyes" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Wehilani "Adornment" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Mahealani "Divine Mist" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Ikaika "Strong Powerful" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Nohea "Beauty Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Aouli "Blue Sky" Kanoe Pelfrey's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection FiRE N iCE Womens


Moana Surfrider ~ Waikiki's Iconic Resort

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Biking Around the Truckee River

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Rainbow Falls: Tropical Waterfall on the Big Island

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Hilton Waikoloa Village ~ Big Island

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Greenwell's Ranch ~Mauna Loa~ Throwback

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JuiceBar 101 ~ Big Island

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Gypsy Life in Mammoth~Throwback to a Few Days in May

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Snowcat at Night

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Bumper's Grill and Bar

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~Venice~ Southern California in February

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Malibu in February


Malibu is full of perfect sites to go see.  It is the quintessential beach location in Southern California right on Highway 101.  One of my favorite sets for photoshoots would be El Matador Beach.  Aside from it being a terrific set, I love the sea caves and rock formations that surround El Matador Beach.  It is a beach that is located in Malibu and can be considered paradise.  Malibu is my favored destination to go to when I am staying in Southern California for modeling.  I can't get enough of gorgeous sunsets at El Matador Beach and  all the scenic beaches at Malibu.  I love to surf Malibu and was lucky to have photoshoots at El Matador, Lechuza and Zuma Beach on my last trip to Malibu.  It was really sunny, very pretty and breathtaking how incredibly spectacular Southern California is in this area.  There are many outstanding beaches, cliffs and views to see when in Malibu.  On the way back to Santa Monica from one of my photoshoots, I ended up shooting with  photographer Ksenia in a field of yellow wild flowers in Malibu.  Malibu has so much natural beauty that it astonishes me.  I am a lucky chick to have gotten the opportunity to shoot for other companies and my swim collection in Malibu.  Next time I come out to Malibu, I will be spending all of my time surfing down there and hopefully having photoshoots there as well.  


Follow my adventures on: @kanoeinh20


Santa Monica in February

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Beverly Hills

When in the 90210, I couldn't go without doing some window shopping on Rodeo Drive.  After having a photoshoot on Rodeo Drive, it seemed appropriate to look around the shops in Beverly Hills.  I know that my mother and aunt wished that they would have joined me and instead of window shopping they would do real shopping.  I live on travel writing, marketing, contest and modeling income while being a college kid.  I am not in the position of buying anything that goes over my shopping budget while in town.  As a full time model and athlete I find myself saving my money as much as possible and making a practice of it.  Though it was very tempting to shop Rodeo Drive!  So many shops that I had seen on movies from over the years.  It was really cool being able to explore Beverly Hills and going to castings there.  A lot of good places to eat.  It was interesting to see how most of Beverly Hills has been used as a set for many movies.  Everything looked familiar before I had even gotten to Rodeo Drive because of how many movies have shot there over the years.  When out roaming Rodeo Drive, I saw a few actors and actresses that were out eating with their families.  I did not approach them but looked over at them and thought how much they must have gone through trying to make it in this town.  As a surfer from Hawaii, I have only been to Southern California when I need to for photoshoots and surfing.  It was different getting to stay longer and see the people that call Los Angeles home.  They live a lot more fast paced life then I am accustomed to.  Although I can handle fast paced, it was not like when I lived in New York for a while where the entertainment business didn't control the whole city.  It was awesome being in the mecca of the entertainment business.  Southern California is beautiful and I can see why people like it here.


Disneyland and California Adventure Park ~ February Trip

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Maroon 5 Concert

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Carrera Cafe in West Hollywood

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Liz Daley~ We lost a good friend who loved to snowboard

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Haleiwa Joe's

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Locals in Hawaii ~Dolphins~

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Carlino's Pizza and Deli

Carlino's Pizza and Deli is great option in the Gresham area of Oregon.  When I am at Mt Hood for the summer for snowboarding, I like to make a stop at this deli.  It is owned by a nice Italian family who has recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  It is a cool Italian restaurant that makes amazing calzone and breadsticks.  After I eat there, I always have fruit to balance out my meal, but there Italian food is to die for!  Reminds me of a lot of places on the east coast that have great pizza.  I like to eat at this deli when I am on my way to Roads End in Lincoln City.  I find myself going surfing a lot at Roads End and Cape Kiwanda when I am at Mt Hood for weeks on during summer.  I enjoy being at Mt Hood but often get excited for mid July when I take off to Oahu to go back to surfing.


I am blessed to be able to train for surfing and snowboarding for the summer.  Often, I find myself wanting to try new restaurants wherever that I am training at or when I go back home to Hawaii.  Carolino's hits my Italian food fix that is for sure.  They offer amazing sandwiches as well and is an affordable restaurant to take your friends to.  It is located one hour and fifteen minutes away from Mt Hood.  Even though it is a commute from the mountain, it is worth going to at some part of your trip to Oregon.  

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Took a Trip to ~UmaUma Falls~

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Cliff Jumping at Ka Lae

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Malia Bath

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It's All About Confidence

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Slice of Pizza at Donner Lake

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The Lone Eagle Grill

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ExplORe the Pacific Northwest Destinations: A Take on Oregon's Go To Spots Featuring Columbia Gorge Roadtrip

Columbia Gorge Area:  


In the past few years, I have wandered to all of the 26 popular waterfalls in the area and had a blast with this project. 

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ExplORe the Pacific Northwest Destinations: A Take on Oregon's Go To Spots Featuring Mt Hood Roadtrip


"Discover new places in Oregon that will open your eyes to Pacific Northwest adventures to embark on.  Lush greenery surrounding everywhere.  It is a heaven for nature lovers."

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Cascade Lake in Tahoe X Revelry Supply Co.

No denying that Cascade Lake by Emerald Bay is phenomenal!  Alex's cousin came to town and visited with her Revelry Supply Co. family.  It was cool to meet her and her friends that vacationed in Tahoe.  All of their crew are located on the Northern California Coast ranging from Santa Cruz to Monterey to Carmel by the Sea.  We went to the Coffeebar in Truckee and Burger Me with them the day before then met up with them in South Lake Tahoe the next day.  They asked Alex and I if we would like a few shots with their products and we instantly took them up on it.  Revelry has rad products and good people behind their company.  The brand's retailers are all over the state of California and it is a well known luggage company.


Revelry's The Escort backpack is odor absorbing, goes with any color of clothing and is the exemplary backpack for all occasions.  Alex was given Revelry luggage and we use it all of the time.  We like to travel with our Revelry luggage when we are flying or on the road.  We are grateful for this luggage and advocate that our friends buy it.  


When traveling to Cascade Lake, Alex and I ended up with some great looking shots that embody our lifestyle here in Tahoe.  We spend all of our time in the outdoors snowboarding and hiking.  This product fits well with our lifestyle.


Good times had at Cascade Lake!

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The Locals that Call Oregon Home

Newport, Oregon



Back Track


I was extremely lucky to receive college credits through Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center for a Marine Biology trip in Newport, Oregon.  At first, I signed up for this class to get rid of my fear of birds.  My mission to check off my number one fear was completed.  Aside from that, this trip was more than just dealing with my fear of birds.  I was introduced to my love for orcas.  One that I would have never expected.  


The Oregon State University marine biology program is impressive and I am grateful to get the opportunity to meet wonderful people who are a part of this program that I have built friendships with.  Although, I am not a marine biology major, I have always had a strong love and interest in the ocean along with the animals that occupy it.  Learning more about Oregon's sea life is a desire of mine.  Oregon's ocean is somewhat a mystery to me still.  Especially with the diverse species of sharks, porpoises, whales, seals and fish that establish their home in Oregon waters.  It was certainly a unique opportunity that not many universities in the US would be able to offer.  Definitely, it was an exhilarating experience to see orcas, gray whales, pacific white sided dolphins, harbor porpoises, seals, sea lions and blue footed boobies in the wild.  


When I have gone surfing off the Oregon coast, I have seen blue footed boobies and dolphins.  Whales from my porch.  Occasionally, I have run ins with harbor seals and seal lions, then immediately get out of the water as I am wearing a wet suit.  It is common for me to see them on the beach as well when I am walking my dog.  Then I turn around to respect their privacy.  After all, I am just a visitor to their home in their domain.  It doesn't matter if I am a daily visitor, they still need respect that they deserve at their spot.  A perspective I have learned over the years passed down from generation to generation in my family. 


For a majority of my life, I have spent all of my time in Hawaiian waters and that domain is familiar to me.  In the past seven years, I have been acquainting myself with Oregon's ocean life and terrain.  It never seizes to amaze me the differences between Oregon's sea life and Hawaii's sea life.  Although both places share the Pacific Ocean, they are vastly dissimilar.  Each location offering a different kind of beauty.  


Overall, I can say that these encounters with orcas, gray whales, dolphins and seals are very special to me.  I am blessed to have witnessed these animals in their home off the Oregon Coast.  



First Day of the Trip:


Getting to Know Newport 


Let the paperwork begin!  That would be the best description of the first few hours of the day.  After hours of being in a classroom, we then went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport and had a great time.  We mostly studied birds such as pelicans, seagulls, puffins and blue footed boobies on the first day.  We had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour and learn more about the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  Then we went to the Oregon Coast Yaquina Bay Lighthouse to observe birds, seals and whales located in the area.  The next stop was South Beach State Park.  We parked near the jetty and saw many sea lions, along with many species of birds.  At this point we continued to take notes and fill our paperwork packet.  Later, we made the decision to play beach volleyball and call it a day.  I chose to go back home to Lincoln City to spend time with my family and have rest to be ready for the big day ahead of me to finish the marine biology trip.



Second Day of the Trip:




6:08 am; Wake up get ready for the day leave Roads End driving down to Newport

7:12 am; Meet up with my friends and classmates to discuss our goals for the day

7:35 am; Small breakfast and admire the sea lions on the docks in Newport

8:09 am; Load the trawler, shuffle to find a good spot with friends and look up at Yaquina Bay Bridge as we sailed under



First Connection


? am or pm; Lost track of time after first gray whale sighting of the day on the way to Yaquina Head Lighthouse


Specific instructions from our professor that whale sightings are rare and that we are to ditch studying birds to learn about sharks, whales, dolphins, seals and anything else that comes our way! (Certainly one of my favorite professors.)





We spotted three gray whales near Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  One kept jumping out of the water and splashing.  It was the first time I had seen a whale this close before.  Even when I am surfing, that is something I have never seen in my life until that very moment.  

Then we spotted pacific white sided dolphins that swam beside our boat.

The captain let me steer the boat for at least five minutes and then I left to go see more gray whales.  Our professor spotted a harbor porpoise and I had never seen one before.  All of these whales and porpoises were close to our boat.  



Orca Pod


On our way back to Yaquina Bay, near Agate beach is when our team first spotted a pod of orcas.  They were not to far away from surfers.  It was amazing to see these beautiful creatures.  I couldn't help but notice how curious orcas are.

We followed them all the way to Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site right off the coast.  Many sea lions had decided to plant themselves on a buoy in the presence of orcas.  Their main goal was to avoid orcas at all costs and would wait as long as possible for orcas to leave.  They never left their spots on the buoy when we were watching them.  The orcas pod consisted of two adult size orcas with two orca calves (babies).  It was challenging to follow them on the boat because they would travel very fast and dive under for long periods.  To see orca whales in the wild was an experience that truly excited me.  I hope to see them again someday and look forward to them passing by the Oregon Coast.


When we arrived back to Yaquina Bay, our team had full crab pots.  All of us brought back crab to our folks.

My friends and I decided to end the day with a bowl of clam chowder.  I traveled back up the road to Roads End in Lincoln City to share my good fortune with my family.  Then took my golden retriever Kona and rottweiler Tucson for a sunset walk on the beach.





What occurred attracted all of our team to pursue an odyssey in knowing more about these captivating animals. Some of my friends chose to do it professionally, others on the weekend when fishing off the Oregon coast and for a small group of us, seeing them when we surf Oregon.  I am fortunate to have a beach house in Lincoln City where I am able to spend a lot of time at the beach learning about the animals that occupy the Oregon Coast.  Currently, researchers believe that orcas make Oregon waters their home for many months out of the year during winter and spring.  I patiently wait for their rare arrival each year.  

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'Ili Kope Organic Skincare X Heavenly Kona Coffee Scrub

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Keeko Oil X White Teeth

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Very White Christmas in Truckee

Alex and I decided that we would spend the holidays at home in the beautiful winter wonderland of Truckee, California.  This place makes people awe struck and amazed at how Christmas by Lake Tahoe is truly one of a kind.  The Sierra Nevada mountains never seizes to disappoint.  It is pleasant to call this tranquil town home.  


As a snowboarder, I spend all of my time traveling.  All of my spare time is spent being an influencer creating advertisements, college student studying business and constantly working as a travel writer providing photography as well.  It was relaxing to stay home for the holidays.  We both missed our families but because of Alex's work schedule, we chose to stay in Truckee.  


To look out our window and see snow falling down is calming for me.  Riding in powder is one if my favorite things to do.  I chose to take some days off to celebrate Christmas, so sitting on the couch drinking hot coco was kind of nice for a change.  Marathoning some Christmas movies from our childhood while cuddling up in a blanket was an amazing way to spend Christmas with my man.  We took a break to build our gingerbread village and admire our small Christmas tree we brought home from Village Nursery in Truckee.  Our wreath on our front door matched our Christmas tree that had character.  I kept finding Alex replacing the star with a hula girl ornament and couldn't stop laughing at this silly game of us removing one with the other.  The Christmaslights that we strung from our house are multi colored and seemed to fit our cozy home well.


Of course, we hung mistletoe and Alex viewed that as a highlight for Christmas.  


Both of us, couldn't help ourselves, we went to Downtown Truckee to enjoy our white Christmas.  We walked around Downtown and saw a huge Christmas tree with ornaments and lights were placed on all trees surrounding our town.  It was enjoyable to see all of the shops and town covered with powder.  After strolling around town, we loaded in the warm car.


The next move was to have a romantic dinner.  That is when we found ourselves at North Star Village having dinner at Tavern 6330.  A few glasses of wine, tomato basil, gourmet bread and filet mignons with a desert was the best meal one could imagine for Christmas.  After a charming evening at Tavern 6330, we decided to go home and curl up by the fire watching a movie.   


By far, a Christmas I will never forget with the one I love.


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Great Casual Dining Choices in Truckee

These are affordable restaurants in the Truckee area.


Take in mind, this is coming from the perspective of two Truckee locals who live on a tight budget.  We visit fancy restaurants in the North Lake Tahoe area when I am travel writing.  Though spend a majority of our time eating at home and going to affordable restaurants.  Alex and I practice eating healthy with my vegan recipes.  It is a treat for us to go out to eat and we like to change up what we eat when we go to restaurants.  All of these restaurants provide many food options which is another important factor when considering what restaurant to eat at.  When taking large groups with you out to eat in the Truckee area, these are excellent choices that are affordable and friendly.  


1.  Zano's Family Italian & Pizza

One of the best pizza joints in town, it will not let you down.  


2.  Burger Me

Take your family here and you will find something on the menu that each member will like.  A favorite burger place in Downtown Truckee.


3.  Front Street Station Pizza

Another affordable option in town that offers good slices of pizza.


4.  Squeeze In

Nice breakfast spot that has a wide range of food to offer.  


5.  Treat Box Bakery

A favorite stop amongst Truckee locals!  Wonderful bakery and delicious food that will have you running back for another meal.  


6.  Jax at the Tracks

Overall, fantastic food with cool atmosphere in Downtown Truckee.  


Destination Must Go! Featuring Capitola Venetian Hotel

This posh Mediterranean inspired beach front hotel makes it to the top of the list for must see destinations on the unique and colorful coast of Northern California.  Their brightly painted hotel is iconic to Capitola Beach.  Boutique hotels like the Capitola Venetian Hotel contribute to a town having more character.  With building appearances resembling Venice, Italy, the Capitola Venetian Hotel takes it's own one of a kind twist on the town embodying a look that very few places in America have.  Their prime location is right on the beach next to a sand beach volleyball court, scenic pier and Soquel Creek.  Epic views with some of the best surfing that California has to offer.  A destination for surfers and adventure lovers.  Take a chance on this beautiful hotel that is cozy and a sweet hotel to take your family along.  An awesome mix of a couples and family getaway.  A nice beach hotel to go to at any time of the year with constant bookings in the summer.  Don't let your opportunity slip away and book a stay at this hotel.  You will have no regrets and be pleasantly surprised with sights of the ocean.  Remember to schedule surf lessons at Capitola.  The Capitola Art and Wine Festival is a marvelous event attracting many visitors. The festival is a wonderful time to visit Capitola.  There are fun activities to do like fishing, crabbing, whale watching, fly a kite, running the beach, shopping and riding a cruiser around town.  Book a trip to one of the best beach hotels in California with stunning views of a timeless town.


It was the perfect weekend with my boyfriend Alex!  


Sponsored by Capitola Village X FNi Swim and FNi Surf Spring 2017 Collection

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A Yummy Cucumber Sandwich Recipe!



-Focaccia Bread or Sourdough Bread



-Tofutti Cream Cheese or Cream Cheese


Optional:  Add Meat



-Olive Tapenade:

  -1/2 cup green olives pitted

  -1/2 cup black olives pitted

  -1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

  -1 clove garlic. Smashed

  -1 lemon. Juiced

  -2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil



Directions for Making Olive Tapenade:


In food processor: Combine the green and black olives, oregano, garlic and lemon juice then pulse.  Stop to scrape down the sides as needed until everything is a coarse paste. Drizzle in the olive oil while pulsing until combined.  Now you have Olive Tapenade!



An amazing cucumber sandwich that makes a great lunch.

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Top 10 Restaurant Choices in Truckee

In no particular order:


1.  Truckee Tavern & Grill


One of mine and Alex's favorite restaurants in Truckee.  Truckee Tavern offers a special romantic atmosphere in Downtown Truckee.  My favorite dish is a rib eye house steak with Yukon gold and sweet potato mash.  A Sierra Pale Ale is a great drink to go with this dish.  Candle lit dinner with amazing food.  The restaurant has brick walls and wooden beams in a building that dates back to the prohibition era.  One of a kind restaurants that is a place you must take your loved one.


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Best Coffee Spots in North Lake Tahoe

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Jockey Show 'Em #tenacity

After looking at many inspiring posts that has come from Show 'Em it has encouraged me to share my story! 


6 years ago I was a 16 year old with many fears because I was losing my health. What was even scarier was not knowing why I was sick. In two years I saw 17 different specialists traveling from doctor offices to hospitals trying to understand why my body was reacting differently. Trying to understand why I was having seizure like episodes with dry heaving, acid rush running up my nose, stomach pain and blacking out. Many specialist thought it was side effects from a vaccine. During that time I missed over 100 days of school each year with my parents going in two times a week to collect my homework. My teachers, principal and superintendent did not give up on me and helped me get caught up on the days I was able to go to school. I missed out on surfing, swim team, being able to drive, being able to function like a normal person. My mom and sister took many days off of work because of my condition of blacking out I was not able to be alone. 


During that time I felt like a prisoner in my own body with pain that wouldn't go away. Every other day I would have blood tests where they would stick needles in me and I would feel uncomfortable because I was dealing with pain already. My quality of life was changing rapidly. My family was spending more time with me scared that I was going to die. I had gone from a healthy kid to a sick kid. I was terrified during that time and kept trying to forget all of the bad that was happening in my life. For many years I tried burying all of those bad memories. But it happened and I realize it's important to embrace the part that I faced sickness because it's made me a stronger person. 


I learned during that time that fear can promote negativity. I realized the importance of positivity because with positivity and a good attitude I could take on whatever struggle was my way. 


By the time I turned 18 years old a senior in high school my health was becoming better I was able to have freedoms like driving, going to school, seeing my friends and not my being bed bound. I had more appreciation for being able to be outdoors. I was able to go back to surfing, learn how to snowboard and could swim. The freedom to live again has made me remember how important it is to treasure every moment one has, make the best of situations, to be patient and make good memories. 


I graduated high school with a 3.61 gpa. I am now a college student. I am able to surf again, able to snowboard and have a stronger passion to live life. Despite the bad situations I have faced, I have continued to be persistent and work hard towards my dreams. I will never give up. I am blessed to be able to do what I love. 


#ShowEm #Jockey #tenacity #surfing 


USSA Rev Tour Rocky Mountain Region Pipe Open Class Qualifiers at Copper Mountain 2016 Recap

Missed the podium at the USSA Rev Tour Rocky Region Pipe Open Class Qualifiers at Copper Mountain finishing with 4th place.  First comp of the season and many more to come.  Love riding pipe and blessed to live in Colorado where I have more access to it!

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USSA Rev Tour Copper Mountain Pipe Stops 2015 Recap

First and Second Rev Tour I have ever done!  Love the pipe and excited to start the season off here at Copper Mountain!

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USSA Rev Tour Rocky Mountain Region Slopestyle Open Class Qualifiers at Copper Mountain 2016 Recap

Finished with 8th place at the USSA Rev Tour Rocky Mountain Region Slopestyle Open Class Qualifiers at Copper Mountain.  Nice to be back at Copper Mountain.


USSA Rev Tour Unbound Region Slopestyle Open Class Qualifiers at Mammoth Mountain 2016 Recap

Happy to finish with 3rd at the USSA Rev Tour Unbound Region Slopestyle Open Class Qualifiers at Mammoth Mountain!  Good day and happy to have success at today's slopestyle comp!  So much fun and excitement today!  I really appreciate my boyfriend Alex driving down to Mammoth from Truckee with me.  Grabbing Pita Pit after the contest was awesome.

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USSA Rocky Mountain Series TTR Slopestyle Open Class at Copper Mountain 2016 Recap

Earned 1st place at the USSA Rocky Mountain Series TTR Slopestyle Open Class at Copper Mountain.  Nothing was more exciting than putting down the run that I had wanted with new tricks and style!  Stoked to make my sponsors (Volcom, Monster Energy, Vonzipper and 808 Surf N Skate) happy with a 1st place finish!  Nice way to end the 2016 RMS Slope Season.  Last slope contest before Nationals!


Had fun riding with 9 year old Hayden who also made the podium!


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USSA Rocky Mountain Series TTR Slopestyle Open Class at Winter Park 2016 Recap

Drove 2 1/2 hours to get to Winter Park from Breck and made the podium with 2nd place at the USSA Rocky Mountain Series TTR Slopestyle Open Class Comp.  Was very excited about my results and my sponsors Volcom, Monster Energy, Vonzipper and 808 Surf N Skate were very excited as well!  Missed awards, drove 2 1/2 hours back to Breck to drive to DIA but with a silver medal!

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July in Oahu 2015 Recap

Getting paid to be a guest pro at Oahu Surfer Babes Camp coaching groms who were getting ready for NSSA and HSA comps was awesome!  Had fun signing autographs on posters, running sponsor activities, giving prizes to campers and meeting a bunch of rad groms!  Went up against 41 other girls and came home with gold and a $6000 check at North Shore Hawaiian Pro Am 2015!  It was really sick to have accomplished that!  Then got paid to do a bunch of photoshoots, went to my modeling agencies to update snapshots in Waikiki, did news interviews, did Tv interviews with Hawaii Olelo for surfing, surf campaigns, Ala Moana Commercial for surfing, surf photoshoots all over Oahu (queens, makaha, north shore, sunset, waikiki, moana lua gardens, kapolei), surf photoshoots for Big Island Surf, cover of Surf Hawaii, Big Island Gold, Hawaii mags and Cali surf mags.  Nothing was better than being able to get paid for doing what I Love!  Pretty sure I will always be a grom at heart thats for sure!

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Training in Oahu for October 2015 Recap