About me



Aloha, my name is Kanoe, otherwise known as @kanoepelfrey on Instagram.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a double concentration in Global Food, Agribusiness and Leadership, Organization & Management.  I have a Business Law certificate from Cornell University.  Recently, I received an Executive Education AI in Fintech and Open Banking Programme certificate, Block Chain Strategy Programme certificate and Cyber Security Programme certificate from the University of Oxford Said Business School.  On the weekends and evenings, I went to Caltech's Blockchain bootcamp for blockchain development.  I became a solidity developer to understand design to increase my value in tech management and entrepreneurship.  


I am fortunate to have had a job in marketing along with creating campaigns for awesome brands!  This background in marketing and consulting has helped me be creative in tech.  Nowadays, I am more in the tech scene but still like to collaborate on weekends or evenings and be active on certain projects in marketing that come my way.  Currently, I am enjoying my career as vice president at a construction company that is looking to improve their operations with technology where this has allowed me to continue my passions!  I am very excited to be studying finance as well!


I am a surfer, competitive snowboarder and model.

FNi (FiRE N iCE) Surf. Skate. Snow. is my brand.


I have a deep passion for traveling and like to share my adventures through Instagram!


My golden retriever's name is Kona and he is obsessed with snow and the beach.