WOMEN IN TECH in Covent Garden
03. November 2022
Come join other women in tech as I talk about AI, machine learning, blockchain and management!
Volunteering at Oregon Food Bank
02. September 2021
Really wanted to share how awesome Oregon Food Bank is and love their mission to connect more people with nutritious food!

24. August 2020
These are websites I like to use for helpful tips when it comes to savings!
09. April 2020
The growth of sports and fitness influencers has grown radically over the past few years. Instagram and YouTube have become prominent platforms for fitness influencers to be able to share their workout videos to followers. For people who would prefer to make their home a gym, it is convenient for them to be able to watch these workout videos that influencers provide. Some people will watch the videos that influencers create and then go apply it at their gym. There are many influencers that...

20. November 2018
What is my home worth?
19. June 2018
Just trying to look cute on a friday around Huntington Beach! Night my usual going out look but mixing it up!

19. June 2018
Telepathically calling my travel team let's go on another trip!
19. June 2018
Other locals back home!

19. June 2018
Taking it easy and mellow! Never gets old here always exciting between here and Pupukea!
19. June 2018
Blessed!! Home sweet home

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