Growth of Sports and Fitness Influencers

The growth of sports and fitness influencers has grown radically over the past few years.  Instagram and YouTube have become prominent platforms for fitness influencers to be able to share their workout videos to followers.  For people who would prefer to make their home a gym, it is convenient for them to be able to watch these workout videos that influencers provide.  Some people will watch the videos that influencers create and then go apply it at their gym.  There are many influencers that offer affordable programs to join where people are getting instruction on their workout plan.  Some of these programs offer consulting and zoom meetings with the influencer.  Most of the time the followers feel like they are having individualized attention.  In some programs, they are able to take coursework, filling out surveys and questionnaires to send in to have a customized program being designed for them.  This has lead to great success for followers.  There are many followers that are reaching their fitness goals from these videos.  The followers are getting advice from an expert and applying these workouts to their everyday routine.  There are people that can not make fitness classes in person and these online programs allow followers the ability to watch the influencer workout videos at any time.  Most of these influencers have experience in their field where they are able to provide knowledge.  There are many people that are getting a personal trainer for an affordable rate.
This is an article about Tyler Valenzia who was a marine that became a fitness influencer and has made it a goal to help people improve their quality of life with exercise!  It is a great read and provides insight about why influencers create content.
Warren James Li is a fitness influencer who has worked for brands like Nike and Under Armour.  He is an influencer for Intellifluence and strives to create content to help people improve their body!  Here is an awesome article and interview with Warren to understand why fitness influences create content for others.
In recent events, sports and fitness influencers are providing free workout videos to people during the coronavirus.  Especially during the coronavirus many sports and fitness influencers have been creating videos for people to help improve their quality of life.  Exercise is very important when helping mental health during this isolation period.  It is nice to see more fitness influencers contributing during coronavirus by providing discounted or free workout plans to people and trying to get people excited about working out!
I can't help but believe that during these times it is nice to have resources to go to and important to utilize these resources that are mostly free.  It is awesome to see the fitness community band together and want to help others!
Hope everybody is staying safe out there during these times!  If you are in quarantine and want to work on your health, pick a fitness influencer or a few that you can relate with or want to learn their workouts.  Wishing everybody the best and stay healthy!  

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