Helpful Tips for Personal Finance

During COVID, I know that many people have been looking for new ways to save and calculate their savings.  I know that many families are going through tough times and are looking for reliable websites that they are able to use.
Personal finance is really important to me and that is why I feel the need to share some of the websites that I use for help!
Here are some of the websites that I go to when I am making plans:

Lately, I have found that I like to use the Savings, Education and House Savings Calculators on Pigly.  What I like is that I am able to make plans for the future and that is it a convenient calculator to use.  In the past, I have tried other websites and it can be very hard to use a calculator because those websites are full of ads.  I really enjoy that Pigly doesn't have ads and makes the process of planning a whole lot easier.  I love that Pigly is a free website that I am able to use and I do not have to pay for their services.  

There are so many different types of calculators on Pigly from budgeting, paycheck estimator, cash flow calculator, lunch savings calculator, phone cost calculator, reach your goal calculator to house costs calculators.  
With college I am constantly using the education calculator.  I plan on pursuing my Master of Business Administration degree and keep planning for the future financially.  Along with the education calculator, I use the budgeting calculator on a regular basis.  I feel like I pretty much have a budget for everything and that is why the cash flow calculator, lunch savings calculator, phone cost calculator and reach my goal collector really come in handy!  It is so challenging to keep up with costs.  During Covid, I have felt very overwhelmed and really like to use this website for help and figuring out my savings.


Articles for Financial Tips:
The savings rate increased from 8.2% in February to 33% in April, the highest rate in recorded economic history.  I really like this article because it makes it clear what to invest in and spend less money on.  Only hiccup with Bloomsberg is that I don't have many free articles left to access because I do not pay for Bloomsberg.
"If you've followed the advice of numerous financial planners and saved at least six months of living expenses for emergencies, this is the exact situation for which you have been preparing."  That quote really has stuck with me.  I have done that for a long time and feel that this article gives great advice.  To me it can be hard advice to hear but excellent.  Cutting back on fancy gym memberships, spending less on gas and entertainment costs like concerts or take out can help savings radically.  This is a great article for helping with what to cut back on to save.
This is a wonderful article that thinks outside the box that Americans need to save more to Congress should create an emergency savings plan for working Americans to help in times of need.  I like that it provides insight of who is affected and how to save.

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