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22. April 2018
Minx NY #sponsored #ad
09. April 2018
Daily Harvest X Tahoe #ad

09. April 2018
Bar of America X Night in Truckee
09. April 2018
A Day in April at Lake Tahoe X BYO SOCIAL #ad

17. March 2018
Splendies Ad in Lake Tahoe #sponsored #ad
13. March 2018
Bootay Bag Ad #sponsored #ad

08. March 2018
Tahoe University X Women Empowerment Day Photographer: Jonathan Herre
06. March 2018
Days at Squaw Valley X BYO SOCIAL #ad

17. February 2018
Humane Society Gala in Tahoe
10. January 2018
Onzie at Lake Tahoe #ad

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