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20. February 2018
Handplant at Mammoth
29. May 2017
Photographer: Miles Weaver

21. May 2017
Mammoth Lakes X BYO SOCIAL #ad Snowboarding Trips Gone Right!
16. May 2017
Another trip to Mammoth thanks to BALM WORLDWIDE!!

12. March 2017
I chose to be a gypsy for two days. I left my house in Truckee and slept in the back of my car in the Mammoth parking lot for a night last May. Spring shredding in Mammoth is one of the greatest things to experience. I train at Mammoth all of the time and I would say spring is by far the most desired time of the year there. There are some days were the wind can go over 60 miles per hour and you aren't trying to hit jumps or ride pipe on those days. Though even on those days, I still love riding...
07. April 2016
Happy to finish with 3rd at the USSA Rev Tour Unbound Region Slopestyle Open Class Qualifiers at Mammoth Mountain! Good day and happy to have success at today's slopestyle comp! So much fun and excitement today! Grabbing Pita Pit after the contest was awesome.

06. April 2016
It was a good day despite the wind, fog and rain that had set in! Was scared that they were going to cancel the pipe stop of the tour like they had cancelled big air and slopestyle. One of the best pipe days I had ever had was at this contest and had a great time riding pipe! Mahalo Vonzipper for sending me new googles in time for the contest! I really appreciated it and was very blessed to have them! Thank you to my sponsors for helping me when it came to eating expenses for the days I was...
06. April 2016
After the 2nd Annual Boreal Banked Slalom that occurred the day before I was ready the next day for the Mammoth Mountain Rev Tour Pipe Qualifiers. Was pleased on taking home 1st place at the Rev Tour Pipe Qualifiers and goggles the week before my Birthday! It was a sunny day with an amazing pipe! I felt so happy being able to go down there and compete having fun with my friends as well. My sponsors Volcom, Monster Energy, Von Zipper and 808 Surf N Skate were stoked with my results from the...