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09. December 2017
Flashback to Snowboarding Mt Hood for Summer
06. July 2017
Kona the golden retriever enjoying the lavender during summer time at Mt Hood! Good times after a day of snowboarding! X BYO Social App #ad

04. June 2017
One of the most sacred places in the world to me!
12. March 2017
Well it is rumored that one of my favorite pastimes is going up in the cat at night to watch the pipe be cut. That is true and to this day, it is something that I still love to do when at Hood for the summer. I can't resist a fun trip riding or at sometimes driving the cat. Most of the time I hike up from the parking lot sit on a rock and watch the view from down below looking upward at the volcano. When I get a chance to go up in the cat, I get very excited because it is an opportunity that...

17. January 2017
"Discover new places in Oregon that will open your eyes to Pacific Northwest adventures to embark on. Lush greenery surrounding everywhere. It is a heaven for nature lovers."
07. April 2016
It felt good to come home to Hood! Got to ride Meadows and Skibowl while back which felt great! The night before the contest my shuttle didn't arrive and I had to drive in a snow storm to Denver. I missed my flight and ended up driving to Boulder to see friends then left to spend the night (two hours of sleep and two hour stay) at a hotel by DIA. I hopped on the plane with 20 minute nap after a kid kicked my chair the whole trip then was picked up by my Dad. My Mom had to register me while my...

07. April 2016
Excited to come home and see the parents! Oregon is another home to me other than home home Hawaii. Really enjoyed seeing my dog and snowboarding at Hood! It was a nice trip back and had a blast snowboarding with 10 other Hawaiians progressing with new tricks for the days I was there! Loved running into all my friends at my home mountain of Timberline! Felt very special with the way how many treated me with their excitement that I have been traveling the world for comps. They were very happy...