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08. April 2018
FNi Womens X Waikiki, Oahu
07. April 2018
The Royal Hawaiian X FNi Womens

12. December 2017
Moana Surfrider X Ulta Beauty
11. December 2017
Infinity Pool X Waikiki, Oahu X BYO Social #ad

17. March 2017
My family has been going to Moana Surfrider for over forty years. My tutu (grandmother) would go to the Moana Surfrider every Sunday for tea in her adult life. She was full blooded Hawaiian and liked to make going to the Moana Surfrider every Sunday a tradition. Tutu liked to explore all of Oahu and often liked going down to Waikiki before she moved to the Big Island. The Moana Surfrider has always been a very special place to me. I love to surf Queens which is near Moana Surfrider. You will...