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After looking at many inspiring posts that has come from Show 'Em it has encouraged me to share my story! 


6 years ago I was a 16 year old with many fears because I was losing my health. What was even scarier was not knowing why I was sick. In two years I saw 17 different specialists traveling from doctor offices to hospitals trying to understand why my body was reacting differently. Trying to understand why I was having seizure like episodes with dry heaving, acid rush running up my nose, stomach pain and blacking out. Many specialist thought it was side effects from a vaccine. During that time I missed over 100 days of school each year with my parents going in two times a week to collect my homework. My teachers, principal and superintendent did not give up on me and helped me get caught up on the days I was able to go to school. I missed out on surfing, swim team, being able to drive, being able to function like a normal person. My mom and sister took many days off of work because of my condition of blacking out I was not able to be alone. 


During that time I felt like a prisoner in my own body with pain that wouldn't go away. Every other day I would have blood tests where they would stick needles in me and I would feel uncomfortable because I was dealing with pain already. My quality of life was changing rapidly. My family was spending more time with me scared that I was going to die. I had gone from a healthy kid to a sick kid. I was terrified during that time and kept trying to forget all of the bad that was happening in my life. For many years I tried burying all of those bad memories. But it happened and I realize it's important to embrace the part that I faced sickness because it's made me a stronger person. 


I learned during that time that fear can promote negativity. I realized the importance of positivity because with positivity and a good attitude I could take on whatever struggle was my way. 


By the time I turned 18 years old a senior in high school my health was becoming better I was able to have freedoms like driving, going to school, seeing my friends and not my being bed bound. I had more appreciation for being able to be outdoors. I was able to go back to surfing, learn how to snowboard and could swim. The freedom to live again has made me remember how important it is to treasure every moment one has, make the best of situations, to be patient and make good memories. 


I graduated high school with a 3.61 gpa. I am now a college student. I am able to surf again, able to snowboard and have a stronger passion to live life. Despite the bad situations I have faced, I have continued to be persistent and work hard towards my dreams. I will never give up. I am blessed to be able to do what I love. 


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