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19. June 2018
Blessed!! Home sweet home
10. April 2018
FNi Womens X Sneak Peak 2018 Collection

10. April 2018
FNi Swim 2018 Coming Soon
08. April 2018
Kua Bay X FNi Womens

30. March 2018
FNi Womens ~ Mauna Kea Sunset ~ Hawaii #ad
22. December 2017
Cruising around Isaac Hale X BYO SOCIAL

01. December 2017
Jamba Juice X Share Your Stories X Adventures Around Home During My Teenage Years
16. March 2017
Rainbow Falls is a optimum waterfall that looks like it is surrounded by a jungle. That is what is notable about the east side of the island is how it can look like a rainforest or jungle. There is so much natural beauty on the east side of the island and I love to go visit at times. On the east side of the Big island, there are more waterfalls than the west side. It is hard to tell on the north side if there are more waterfalls than the east side because of how remote the north side can be. On...

15. March 2017
The Greenwell's have a magnificent ranch located on Mauna Loa. There are so many cattle that roam around and graze the luscious green grass. Mauna Loa is one of the five volcanoes on the Big Island. It is an active volcano like Kilauea and sometimes has snow on it. Occasionally, there is snow on the Greenwell Ranch. That is what I was told when we visited. I couldn't get over how beautiful their ranch was and how different the terrain was compared to Waimea. There were more rocks on Mauna Loa...
13. March 2017
Best acai bowls on the Big Island, hands down! JuiceBar 101 is located at the Mauna Lani shops and is a nice juice bar to go to. They make a creative acai bowl that is very flavorful and extremely healthy. As a model, I am a big health nut and it is important for me to be able to have food that cater to my diet and fits my healthy lifestyle. The meal options that they have available at JuiceBar 101 makes me appreciate having a restaurant that cares about the nutritional value of what you eat....

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