Took a Trip to ~UmaUma Falls~

I can't help but love a good stop at a resplendent waterfall on the Hamakua Coast.  UmaUma Falls was an amazing place to see and is a private waterfall on the Northeastern part of the island.  I have been here a few times in my life and like to see the three tier waterfall that is 300 feet in height.  It is pleasant to walk through the botanical gardens before seeing the grand waterfall.  My father and I chose to go to UmaUma Falls after spending a day in Hilo together.  We usually go on Saddle Road to get to Hilo, but that day on the way home we chose to see UmaUma Falls then go to Waimea for malasadas.  UmaUma Falls is about one hour away from Waikoloa Village.  


The last time I went to UmaUma Falls was after a surf trip to Waipio.  I really like to leave Banyans sometimes during the fall and go to Waipio.  Waipio is a black sand beach down in a valley on the north side of the Big Island.  I have to take my van when I want to go down there.  It is always good vibes and a lot of my cousins go down there.  The Big Island has so many surf spots that a lot of people have not explored.  Most who have lived there since they were kids do not even know about these spots.  It's important to get out and try new places.  Especially the island that you call home.  UmaUma Falls is nice after a surf trip to Waipio.  Go check it out.


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