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13. June 2017
Gorgeous views out in North Tahoe backcountry!
09. January 2017
These are affordable restaurants in the Truckee area. Take in mind, this is coming from the perspective of two Truckee locals who live on a tight budget. We visit fancy restaurants in the North Lake Tahoe area when I am travel writing. Though spend a majority of our time eating at home and going to affordable restaurants. I practice eating healthy with my vegan recipes. It is a treat for us to go out to eat and we like to change up what we eat when we go to restaurants. All of these restaurants...

07. April 2016
Blessed that Breck is my home mountain this past year and that Boreal is my other home mountain! I Love having my apartment in Breck and house in Tahoe. It has made for a wonderful season training in both Colorado and California. Not easy training at both places then traveling to comps on top of that but it has been a good season full of excitement so far!
07. April 2016

06. April 2016
This was my second slalom contest ever and first professional slalom contest that I have ever done. It was very exciting to compete at this cool event that even had a roof top drop to shave 3 seconds off your time. I liked how FUN the event was and how many of my friends dressed up in costumes to celebrate the Aloha Spirit that was going on at the event. I managed to get 8th out of 16th and not to bad for my second slalom I have ever done (and never practicing for slaloms). Felt enthusiastic...