2nd Annual Boreal Banked Slalom Contest 2016 February Recap


This was my second slalom contest ever and first professional slalom contest that I have ever done.  It was very exciting to compete at this cool event that even had a roof top drop to shave 3 seconds off your time.  I liked how FUN the event was and how many of my friends dressed up in costumes to celebrate the Aloha Spirit that was going on at the event.  I managed to get 8th out of 16th and not to bad for my second slalom I have ever done (and never practicing for slaloms). 


Felt enthusiastic about running with the middle of the pack at this comp and look forward to improving for next year's banked slalom!


It was nice to wake up at my house in Truckee and go 10 minutes up the road to Boreal to go compete at this event.  I liked playing around in a baby 12 foot choppy pipe when I waited for my runs.

Later that night I left for Mammoth Mountain that way I could compete the next day.

Here are the results:

Place Bib # Competitor Name Time Divison
1 3 Griselda Skeehan 70.43 Womens snowboard
2 131 Fancy Rutherford 75.21 Womens Snowboard
3 156 Rachel lightener 76.55 Womens Snowboard
4 138 Abigail 77.90 Womens Snowboard
5 153 Lena Decrescenzo 78.90 Womens Snowboard
6 154 Cali  Doerfer 79.75 Womens Snowboard
7 65 Emily Leach 82.86 Womens snowboard
8 82 Kanoe Pelfrey 84.58 Womens Snowboard
9 50 Sarah Adams 86.23 Womens snowboard
10 145 Phoebe Mills 93.08 Womens snowboard
11 45 Michelle Rahlves 96.15 Womens Snowboard
12 139 Amanda Spence 104.04 Womens Snowboard
13 32 Lindsay Wexler 106.71 Womens snowboard
14 118 Kendra Langston 117.69 Womens Snowboard
15 129 Regina Debow 132.29 Womens Snowboard
16 66 Kasandra Dolan   Womens snowboard

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