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07. April 2016
Missed the podium at the USSA Rev Tour Rocky Region Pipe Open Class Qualifiers at Copper Mountain finishing with 4th place. First comp of the season and many more to come. Love riding pipe and blessed to live in Colorado where I have more access to it!
07. April 2016
Blessed that Breck is my home mountain this past year and that Boreal is my other home mountain! I Love having my apartment in Breck and house in Tahoe. It has made for a wonderful season training in both Colorado and California. Not easy training at both places then traveling to comps on top of that but it has been a good season full of excitement so far!

06. April 2016
I was so excited because it was the last Rev Tour Pipe Stop of the season and at this contest I had managed to progress quite a bit with new tricks in the bag. It was a very foggy day where the rain had set in with winds and little snow left on grass. All that was left was a few street style rail features, jumps and of course the pipe. Seven Springs was closed down and the mountain was only operating for the Rev Tour. It was very special that the resort remained open for us that way we would be...